Fitter Business Faster

What is Fitter Business Faster?

Fitter Business Faster is an organisation aimed at helping small businesses succeed and conquer the everyday challenges you all face. Fitter Business Faster is a team that cares about its clients and wants to enhance their world utilising technology and insight. Fitter Business Faster is a vision for the future that will allow business owners more time to work on their business rather than in their business and less time stressing about simple tasks that are critical to the business but could be automated. Fitter Business Faster is the answer to the question, "Isn't there an easier way to do this?"

Meet the Team

Rhondda Gormley


As a business owner Rhondda understands the struggles that businesses face and with over 20 years of assisting businesses she knows how best to communicate with you. Rhondda is well equipped to not only handle compliance questions but also to give advice on the other complex areas of business, inventory management, multicurrency and importing, pricing, profitability and performance. Rhondda has a Bachelor of Business Accounting Major with a secondary major in Business Law and Taxation, she is a registered BAS agent and Member of the Institute of Public Accountants.  Nicknamed “The Fixer” by her clients, she is willing to tackle the deepest of problems with a smile.

Jack Fleming

Jack started as an assisstant bookkeeper but quickly saw a hole in the market for someone who knows how to utilise the numerous apps and programs available to business'. With an enthusiasm for automation and an insightful vision of the future of the industry Jack aims to eliminate administration costs and help employees fee important and take on greater responsibility and enjoyment from their role in the business.